Payroll Services

HR Practrices,LLC-Human Resource Planning and ManagementPayroll Services is the cornerstone of a well-managed organization’s effort to control expenses, maintain growth and profitability, and keep your staff motivated about their work is to maintain accurate and low-cost payroll services. Here are some of the programs we work with and services we offer:

  • ADP HR eXPert
  • ADP Pay eXPert
  • ADP Reporting
  • Report Smith
  • Quick Books
  • End-to-End payroll processing
  • Set up custom fields
  • Employee Benefits/Deductions
  • Input deductions and taxes
  • Create payroll batches/files
  • Preview payroll reports
  • Create and analyze payroll reports
  • Input T & E reimbursable expenses
  • Import 401k changes
  • Transmit payroll
  • Employer Tax Compliance
  • Maintain New Hire & Employee payroll files
  • Upload hourly employee time and attendance

Human Resource Planning and Management

HR Practices, LLC  can help you in all of these key areas Human Resources and Long Term Planning to help increase your organization’s efficiency and profitability including: Business Planning and Organization Management,   Succession Planning,    Risk Management,    Payroll Processing and tax compliance,    Proactive Legal Compliance to prevent problems from developing,    Maintain communication and productivity in times of transition and economic stress,    Compensation Analysis: keep your organization competitive, motivated, and effective,    Grievance procedures,    Benefits Programs cost/benefit analysis,    Implementation of electronic and virtual forms to support policies and procedures. Additionally, our work Eliminates your paper burden and help your organization to “Go Green“ and provides   Record Retention improvement and   Worker’s Compensation compliance and support.


Sometimes you need a Terminator!

HR Practices, LLC - How to fire a friendFriendship is a bond that should be unbreakable, but when you’re in the difficult position of having to fire a friend or an employee you’re close to, your friendship will definitely get tested. Along with your own disappointment that your friend hasn’t done what he or she was hired to do or perhaps pity and sadness if your friend is simply a victim of operational cuts, is the fact that you’re responsible for terminating your friend’s employment as a boss, not as a friend. Whatever the reason, this can be a very painful experience for both parties, and if mishandled, it can be destructive to your friendship. While it’s not easy separating the two different relationships you have with this person and then following formal business practices for terminating employees, it’s necessary to achieve a fair outcome and one that will hopefully keep your friendship intact.

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